I LOVE THE FEELING!!! There are bap fanfics that broke my small asian heart that made my cry hard so fucking hard for hours. Want to read. Title: Author: Exobubz Length: Two Shot Status: Complete Genre: Romance, Angst Tags: angst fluff romance exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek. (Yoona is Yeol’s ex in the fic) Highschool/College AU. caused quite a stir in the EXO-fandom. Chapter 4: To be honest, I really did hate Chanyeol in the fic and god, he’s so undeserving of.

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Taken aback, Baekhyun looked shocked.

You have to call me if you fanfiv you want to come home for the night, but as for the weekends, you have to try and come back for at least those two days. Finally I read it on wattpad. He struggled with the horrid thought of not being in love with his husband anymore, but as the recent days passed, he found that he could deny it no longer.

Their differences went deeper than their majors and personality. But, they still put up the effort to feel something despite craving fanffic and rest over a lustful night with each other.

He probably has someone else, too. With a shaky breath, Baekhyun exhaled and looked back up.

We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously.


These might be short, but they left my in a pool of tears at 3 am. He would take the time and try to reach Chanyeol by phone or video call when he could, famfic like everything else, those moments declined in numbers also. It piqued my interest and I decided to give it a shot. To him, that was the fun part; watching Chanyeol do work in deciphering his message. Every EXO fans must have heard of this story and there was much hype about it too on facebook.

Within a month, they learned about each other. He missed the board games, the trees, and the movies.

Read it while listening eexo this song:. Taking it off, he squinted his eyes and took a closer look at the letters. You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m reading it right now, and tbh it’s losing me. But i am reading a lot of fanfics now and i dont think i will still continue baby breath though.

He felt a rift between them. Ill rate u five!!

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Log in Sign up. Read it while listening to this song: They felt the rift between them. Sometimes I get the urge to read some angst but then I stop myself before I start drown in my tears. When Chanyeol would come home at around six, Baekhyun would prepare dinner and pick out a game board to play with.


Everyone who saw them thought that the two were an unlikely pair. Chanyeol, despite looking and acting like a cold-shouldered brute, would always write back the words, but in Korean, the language that the both of them shared.

10080 fanfic

It was better to give no promises at 10008 rather than to give a hallow one. I am still crying, fight me. Noted, I took the bus, but I was never close to falling asleep or anything. Fifty shades of Park Chanyeol Status: Chanyeol would always answer, telling him that there was no point in wanting a different ending because the movie was done and there was nothing changing it.

We need to talk and you letting me just stand out here is wasting time. As his income rose, so did their bank account. The distance was one thing. Email dxo Address never made public. I didn’t like it that much Chanyeol was in marketing and business. I hate how they become girly and shit on other fics and I think the absence of that is what made Baby’s Breath stand out to me. I was in the part where baekhyun and Chanyeol are in the train station i think? They had basically stalled.