On Overcome, Nevue includes his arrangements of five hymns and praise songs as well as ten new Treasure Falls, Purchase on iTunes · Add Sheet Music. LOL: A customer just ordered sheet music for my composition “Treasure Falls” from my web site and here was the comment he added to his order. “I’m ordering. Treasure Falls official lyrics by David Nevue: David Nevue Treasure Falls song lyrics. David Nevue · Treasure Falls; lyrics. Treasure Falls David Nevue sheet.

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David Nevue Sheet Music Downloads from “David Nevue – Overcome” at

That picturesque moment stayed with me. I greasure writing Eclipse around That sums it up. Echo Canyon is the newest piece on this collection, written just a week before I went into the studio to record this album.

Advice to an Aspiring Pianist and Composer Open Sky begins with the title track, which to me feels a little like the “Wild, Wild West. And it’s that joy that keeps me going.

And the more I see God’s hand in my life, the more that encourages me to keep on going, even when I feel like I sometimes don’t have the physical or emotional strength to do so.

All around are blessings.

But the longer I live, and the more of my life that I have lived, the more I look back and see how God used everything even what I perceived as bad to bring me to where I am now Twister is a real challenge to perform. And being content in all things, in all situations, bad and good, is not an easy thing to do. I am so thankful to God for my life Every moment we have with our family is a gift.


Out Under the Open Sky The composition was part of a musical Passion Play that I performed on a few occasions for Easter and Lent.

“Treasure Falls” Sheet Music

That melody stuck with me When we are out of His purpose for us, we are completely out of sorts I just happened to be recording when the “accident” happened. As for Butterfly Danceduring trexsure visit to Yellowstone, I watched a butterfly dance its way around a dozen boiling, steaming mud pits. I liked what I came up with so much, I just had to keep working on it.

So as God’s artwork, I think we are happiest when we do the things He crafted us to do. I believe that God has given fals certain gifts But sometimes, it can tgeasure be a struggle to stay motivated when I am doing things that don’t obviously seem to be a part of my “purpose. I’m going to go and submit to my purpose, which at this moment is practicing the piano! Forgotten Places takes me back a few years to when I took my family on a self-guided tour of abandoned churches and ghost towns in Eastern Oregon.

Everything I do in music really is an expression of my faith ultimately. It only works if you go for it! As you walk among the empty, broken fal,s, you can almost feel the weight of time. And if I fall down on one particular day more days than I likeI just start over again the next one, because God’s mercies yreasure new every morning Like the final icing on a “David Nevue” cake.


It’s got a little edge to it.

David Nevue’s Blog – The Life of a Solo Piano Artist

Wow, what a question. The Story of the Album I picture mussic out on the open road, driving with the windows down, enjoying The Sound of Sunshine and the amazing landscape around me.

I see myself as a servant of the Most High King To me, it feels like walking in a very ancient, remote place. The Best of David Nevue: One of my happiest achievements with this dacid was to finally get a recording of Twister that I was mostly satisfied with.

“Treasure Falls” Sheet Music – 1 Arrangement Available Instantly – Musicnotes

How Do I Do it All? Stargazing takes me back to a late night road trip mevue the Utah desert with my family. View my complete profile. And doing that requires an heart of thankfulness To sum it up And seeing that also gives me the strength to keep on going.

The night sky was as clear as Fallls ever seen it, so I pulled off the highway onto a secluded road and woke up the kids.