Compendium of Italian tax law. This edition takes into account the many new developments since , beginning with those of the Budget Law, which. Buy Compendio di diritto tributario by Francesco Tesauro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. appunti del corso di francesco tesauro. appunti di diritto tributario Tesauro, Appunti di Diritto Tributario I. Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. Università .

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The course is designed to focus on the functioning of the Taxes that most frequently occur in the Tax gesauro activity. The idea is to provide students with the basic Tax planning techniques.


Land tax, capital income, self-employment income, employment income and other incomes. Tesauro, Istituzioni di diritto tributario, parte speciale, Utet, Torino, latest ed. Positive and negative components of business income. Course with sustainable contents University credits of sustainability: Regional tax on productive activities IRAP. Diritro whose plan of study schedules taxation law with 9 CFU will attend some extra classes on tax process and tax litigation at the very end of the course.

Students with specific difficulties with the PC usage or that are unable to understand the services tributaario by the platform will be assisted by tutors in one day established at the beginning of the course. Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza.

Compendio di diritto tributario – Francesco Tesauro – Google Books

Diritto tributario rtibutario 6 cfu. Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza Coordinatrice di Corso di Studio: Google Classroom platform learning environment will be intensively used in order to improve didactic, the teaching experience and the quality assessment.


People search Structures search Rooms search Meeting and event spaces search Course search. Istituzioni diritti diritto privato I Diritto tributario Diritto commerciale. At the beginning of the course an access code shall be given to the students to access the webpage dedicated to taxation law. Consolidated taxation and transparency regime in the Italian tax system.

General principles for income determination.

The exam consists in a written test with open questions and multiple choice. During the written exam it is not allowed the use of books, tax codes, notes or electronic media.

For more information or to deny consent to all or some of the cookies used by the website, please read the information sheet. Lessons will try to strike a balance between general principles and the actual discipline of taxes in details. In the second part the course will be developed with a specific focus on aspects related to the tribuhario and practitioners world, such as the application of taxes, tax regime of contracts and of the enterprises, corporation taxes.

A sample copy of the exam, composed by four open questions and 10 multiple choice ones is available on the platform classroom. Didactic methods During the course regular tribhtario will be completed by seminars focused on specific arguments relevant in the practice.

26512 – Internal and International Fiscal Planning Fundamentals

Last update of the programme. The final evaluation shall depend on the quality of the answers and the capacity of the students to demonstrate that he or she was able to address the most sensitive points in the time given 30 minutes. By closing this banner or continuing browsing you accept the use of cookies.

Every student registered at the University of Ferrara may have access to the platform using userid and password attributed for the access to the tgibutario mail student.


In any case, studnets are encouraged to familiarize with the platform https: This website also uses third-party cookies. Prerequisites In order to have access to the exam the student has to pass constitutional law and private law before it.

Fantozzi, Corso di diritto tributario, Utet, Torino, latest ed. Students whose exam is credited with 9 CFU will be specifically trained on the Tax Process and tax litigation. Cerca nel sito solo nella sezione corrente. Salta alla navigazione Strumenti personali. The accrual principle, the matching principle, and the recognition on income statement. Both in the general part and in the one dedicated to the specific discipline of taxes will be considered; reference shall be provided to the most important cases decided by courts on the topics of most important relevance.

Company assets and triutario tax relevance. Learning assessment procedures The exam shall be written without exceptions.

Istituzioni di diritto tributario – Francesco Tesauro – Google Books

Particular relevance will be given also to tesauto Tax obligations that firms have to fulfill in order to comply with the Law. Taxation of contracts and of businesses; essentials of EU and international tax law. Falsitta, Corso istituzionale di diritto tributario, Cedam, Padova, latest ed. No in itinere partial exams are planned.