Description. The Preliminary Practices of the Incomparable Drikung Kagyu. Contains aspiration and dedication prayers; Refuge; Vajrasattva (Dorje Sempa); . First Year ; Ngondro, The Preliminary Teachings & Practices; Second Year ; Meditation on Deity Hayagriva; Third Year ; Chöd, Cutting Through Ego; Fourth Year. Dzogchen is a system of gradual practice and one of its requirements is that one has to start from the preliminary practices (ngondro). The Vajra Master wil l.

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At all times I prostrate with respectful three doors to the supreme guru and the Protector Chenrezig who, though realizing that all phenomena neither come nor go, strive solely for the welfare of nngondro. I, too, have noticed that often videos are delisted after a certain amount of time, or oftentimes never publicly listed on the channels in the first place after the luge events wrap.

Prayer for World Peace Download. Ina had mentioned to me in private at DDSC that she was still working on the translation of the text for the then upcoming teachings in Singapore, so I made several failed attempts to get the lung ngnodro other lamas who should’ve had it because I didn’t want to make Rinpoche hurt his eyes those who know him are aware that his eyesight is very poor and he experiences a lot of pain on daily basis because of it.

Garchen Children’s Practice, Kid ages: A needle stitches up your clothes. The Drigung Dzogchen teachings are from the gTermas hidden Dharma Treasures revealed by the following great Drigung masters. Chetsang Rinpoche is considered an emanation ngodnro Chenrezig. Simple Rules to agree upon before you subscribe: GI got back to me and said it is ok: I noticed that these vids don’t seem to be published publicly on the DDSC channel, so I thought I’d nglndro them in this thread since it was already here.

Utilize this facility to propagate the Precious Dharma. Practice of Vajrasattva Meditation and Recitation for Purification, 3. Gyalwang Rinchen Ngondrl Drigung Ratna The Practice of Taking Refuge prostrations with recitations2.


Precious Human Life 2. Buddhism Sunday, 9: Having established the difficulty of obtaining the freedoms and advantages, ones should train in the ordinary preliminaries, and then undertake them. The pre-requisite for the Ngondro practices is the Four Turnings of the Mind to the Dharma teachings. Not that I am seeking credit or deserve any, really.

However life is short, and intelligence is limited, so it’s hard to cover them completely. I’m glad you gained something from those vids with Khenpo.

English translation copyright Ari Kiev History Tantrism Mahasiddha Sahaja. During any Empowerment, remember to have short breaks inbetween to allow rest for teacher and students. Ngondro is wonderful, powerful, and challenging. The Great Kagyu Master: Thank you so much for sharing Khenpo’s ngondro teachings, they are very much appreciated. A sub-school of the Drikung was the Lhapa or Lhanang Kagyuwhich was influential in western Bhutan from the arrival of Gyalwa Lhanangpa b.

It reminded me of how, in Judaism the religion of my birthprospective converts are refused three times just to see if they are serious. Who is online Users browsing this forum: In or members of the Lhapa sect were expelled from Bhutan together with the Nenying Kagyu [6] as they had sided with the Central Tibetan forces against the Drukpas during Tibet’s three invasions of Bhutan.

Snow Lion Publications, 2nd Edition. From what I remember, the sound quality was particularly poor, so headphones and high volume may be needed to listen to this: Drikung Kagyu is one of the most prominent lineages in Ladakh where its main monasteries are Phyang and Lamayuruwith roughly 50 other monasteries spread across Ladakh region.

Members of the Lhapa tradition built some of the earliest dzongs in Bhutan. Apparently our combined insistence paid off because it was given at the tail end of the Spring Retreat in Ohio, months prior to the release of Ina’s translation and the beautiful pechas we now have. Teachings on the Songs of Jigten Sumgon and Milarepa. Hopefully, they will also upload it to their Youtube channel at some point. The Golden Lineage Treasury.


Drikung Dzogchen Community

Even one portion of this, the turning of the wheel of the Dharm a of the Five-fold Mahamudraliberates those with intelligence. This school was at one time important in Western Bhutan, particularly in the Thimphu and Paro regions, where they were rivals of the Drukpa Kagyu.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wealth and possessions obtained with effort will be left behind.

Drikung Kagyu

A horse takes you where you want to go. Khenpo Samdup also taught on this text at Drikung Dharma Surya last year. From the founding of Drikung Thil Monastery in to the present day, the Drikung Kagyu lineage has been led by a succession of spiritual heads “throne-holders”.

Queries regarding 5fold Mahamudra ngondro of drikkng Rinpoche Forum rules.

Dharma Wheel

Drikung Kagyu Ngondro, Preliminary Practices. Please be mindful of your samaya vows before sending out your emails. In samsarathere are three types of suffering — suffering in the making, the suffering of change, and the suffering of suffering.

By the virtue arising from this may all migrators become, through excellent conventional and ultimate bodhicitta, like ngondroo Protector Chenrezig who does not abide in the extremes of existence or peace. Due to my inferior intellect and poor learning, this is not poetry that will please scholars, yet as I have relied upon the sutras and the speech of drimung Sublime Ones, I think the bodhisattva practices are not mistaken.

Being without distraction, virtuous endeavors naturally increase. Simply send your email to this address wogmin nhondro. This text is for free reproduction and distribution.