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Anyway, I have nothing else to say And my issues are mainly preferences. Of course, getting the two into bed together is just the beginning. It’s not a romance but it has a happy ending.

Erastes’ Transgressions might be the most recent book of hers to be released, but it’s one of the earliest works of fiction she’s tackled. Both struggled to stay away from each other by moving on to another man. As their relationship grows events occur and as a result rrastes paths separate and this transgrressions where I was surprised by the author.

It also portrays the difference of personalities and how they individually handle this deepening of intimacy. Moony Eliver Ooooh good! It was not that they were poor, but it was waste, and waste was sin.

Jacob is so fed up of David that he brings in an apprentice to replace him in the forge. Mostly erzstes book is a lesson in why Teansgressions think I’ll stick to fic. Ttransgressions genuine emotional content to those scenes that only fits the characters at that stage of the story. Historical romances aren’t usually my thing, but this one had some interesting moments.

Singing — frowned upon, dancing — forbidden. It went on just a little too long and in the big scheme of things, I’m not sure the level of excruciating detail that was given was needed. When neither of your protagonists are all that likable, it’s hard to root for the happy ending. Over the course of the novel, they travel from heaven to hell literally and end up back on earth with the rest of us mere mortals. This would seem to be the foundation for a traditional romance but wait David Caverly’s strict father has tgansgressions.


Transgressions by Erastes

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Instead of leaping through years to get to the end, I really wish more stuff had been explored like Jonathan’s recovering after Michael and his rise through the ranks transgrfssions become General.

Also, what’s wrong with a little fetishization once in a while?

I have mixed feelings about the book. Erastes hits the ball out of the park.

The author of Transgressions the playfully pen-named Erastes has set her novel in the England of the s, a time of enormous political and social upheaval. He expected David to finish all of the tasks he had been allotted before he was permitted into the house to eat. As I have stated before, the writing is very good. With the exception of one brief scene, they don’t see each other again for a good pages. Secondly, I was left with a number of questions at the end of the book both in terms of other characters whose fate we never discover and in relation to David and Jonathan’s relationship.

He slapped their silken rumps a little too hard in unjust punishment for the work they were making him do, tugging at their teats and growling in annoyance when he paid the price for it, losing a whole bucket of milk to an angry kick. He never let his father see him looking at his reflection because that, of course, was a sin.

Erastes (author) – Wikipedia

Suddenly David realises why he has never felt any stirrings for the local girls and also why he has strange urges to touch Jon. David had some feeling for him, but a guy Tobia had make him change his mind.

Unreal tries out some man-on-man romance novel action”.

David longed to be free of the forge and the smallholding. Of course other feelings are budding besides the camaraderie and because this part encompasses a longer period of time Erastes created a believable and gradually increasing of intimacy.


Proudly powered by WordPress. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from transgressiobs good booksellers. Jul 31, Dustin Demoin rated it it was ok. Its complexity lies mostly within the characterisation as well transggressions a little in the circumstances that these men endure.

However, this is just a minor criticism in what was a terrific study of how personality and fate shape and control a person’s destiny. Jacob looked at his son for a long moment, and then his gaze moved around the unswept yard, taking in the pile of uncut timber, with the few logs beside it.

Erastes transgressions

David is the son of a wealthy at least according to the town standard blacksmith; in the first scene we see David as he will be for all the novel, a young blond god basking in the sun while instead he should have been at work.

He is eager to get away from Kineton and find out what world holds for him–down the road, across the river, in the city. To ruin a bit the paradise on earth where David is living arrive Jonathan, the new apprentice of his father; Jonathan is dark where David is blond, but it’s not only a physical dissimilarity. This one makes my libido very high. And I could have been okay with that if not for the fact that David ends up in a relationship with another man, Tobias.

Perhaps the other boy was no happier with this new situation than David was himself. You won’t be disappointed. Retrieved from ” https: