Provides music for clarinet exercises designed to improve one’s breathing, finger position, evenness, Clarinet method, Book 2. Front Cover. Leon Russianoff. Clarinet method by Leon Russianoff, September , Schirmer Books edition, Paperback in English. Clarinet Method: Bk. 1 by Leon Russianoff, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Good luck convincing anyone to republish them. The reader is free to take or leave what they read. Perhaps his daughter could be persuaded to let it be done with, of course, her permission and payment of royalties. But you ask a few questions that seem to stray from the notion of context and go towards the question of authorship and intention and that’s what I would like to address.

The works need to be placed in a context so one not able to have studied with Russianoff can most effectively glean what Is possible.


Copyright laws preclude reprinting until the Right of Domain takes effect. University of Western Australia. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Yet, doesn’t publishing a methodology contradict on some level that notion of an “open mind?

I understand what reading is, thus why I perhaps attempted to construct a posting that would russianpff a less-educated clarinetist to seek the context in which the work lies.

Collier Macmillan Publishers, c That is in no way the intent of what I said as you have misinterpreted, incorrectly, what I wrote. Encouraging others to read and glean is important- but the context is helpful if anything of true value will arise in the realm of “clarineting”.


The Most Advanced Clarinet Book

The blind devotion to his written methodology in some way devalues the true spirit of the man himself. Part of Masiello’s dissertation is available on Google Books at http: As you stated, and you do have the first-hand knowledge that I lack, you had to be there to benefit from his work as he taught every student differently. Surely an open mind requires something external to its ungated self to read and reflect upon? Best of all, it’s free. As for me, I was seeking the books because it was the first and so far only method for clarinet I had heard of, so I fancied having a look.

russianofff He was an important personality who knew his worth and liked attention. The third possibility is that they read and misunderstand, but there aren’t a lot of options really. In science this is exemplified by Richard Feynman who was an amazing teacher to have by all accounts for ones physics degree.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book | Book| Austin Macauley Publishers

But a good book emthod stand on its own, separate from the direct personal experience, and perhaps very different from it. In the world of instruction, where teaching at a distance can cause undue stress or harm, “context” is important. I made sure to keep any concrete terms or descriptors out of it. The books represent his lifetime of clarinet knowledge playing and teaching. Readers are then free to learn “proper” things, or unproductive measures.

Russianoff, Leon [WorldCat Identities]

Nor other methodologies published by deceased instructors. Lists What are lists? GBK and me are like Marines Offerings made in this way are just that: Someone would have to take it on as a labor of love.

Leon’s widow, Penelope his second wifepassed away in at the age of I apologize but a context is needed at times. If I do support what you say then it is inadvertent. Also, I should say that the book from Amazon is just a print clarinst demand copy of the microfilm archive of Masiellos submission.


As for people leoh take individual teachings as ‘gospel’, I agree with you that it is up to them to ask themselves why they choose to do so, should they choose to ask themselves! Sign up to receive offers and updates: If open minds can’t take things in and make judgements about them then maybe they are not all that they are talked up to be.

I wanted to discuss the points where I felt that you were straying from context, which was, as I understand it ‘I wish not to degrade the man, but simply place his books in some context.

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Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind. Login to add to list. His written “lectures” also speak of said matters, yet ultimately in a precise language of mathematics. The “open-mindedness” with which he approached his students is a wholly differing matter than that, and comes from a diametrically opposed direction to getting at the heart of things. Edith Cowan University Library.

I was at a recital where he showed up wearing a fluorescent red hat, with students clustering around him. Try adding this search to your want list. Those that have them are hoarding them or asking outrageous prices for them.