Franco may have won the war, but he lost the literature. So finds Nick Caistor in Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas. Javier Cercas’s Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) is a hybrid, metafictional (or self-reflective) blend of fiction and fact, novel and. Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis. Javier Cercas, Author TusQuets $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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Early on, he writes a brief article in his newspaper based on the retelling by Mazas’s son.

No wonder Soldados de Salamina had such success when it was published in Sanchez Mazas’s cause, the ‘moral and aesthetic def The word ‘revolution’ gets bandied about a lot, often without context and usually with positive intonations, as though the act of revolt itself were somehow desirable. He practised politics, but deep down always scorned them.

Soldados de Salamina

Notify me of new comments via email. Menu Skip to content. In school, we were taught cecas both Gen. Cercas, however, made use of the history only as a stepping stone to illustrate how the lives of his characters are interconnected from the 30’s to the year when the story ends. The novel is divided into three sections. In the political arena, the Law of Historical Memory of attempted to move sala,ina from the pact of forgetting adopted by the Spanish at the time of the transition to democracy.

This is a skilled look at history, writing, and reflections on the nature of war that one needs to read. You are commenting using your WordPress. Yet the book ends up treating him with a strange sympathy, and not only because it focuses on a moment at which—terrified, cowering in the undergrowth of a Catalan forest at the mercy of a Republican militiaman who unaccountably decides not to give him up—he is at cerfas weakest and most vulnerable.

Cercas keeps telling everyone that he wants to write “a real story” about salaminaa past, and even when Conchi asks why he wants to write a story about a right-wing person instead of some “great leftist” like Garcia Lorca, he reiterates that we need to know the past from both sides.


Soldiers of Salamis – Wikipedia

The second section is a biographical retelling of Mazas’s life. At that time [Falangist leader] Jose Antonio was very fond of quoting a phrase of Oswald Spengler’s; that at the eleventh hour it had always been a squad of soldiers that had saved civilisation.

Right through the center of Spain runs a deep scar. Some 50 of the prisoners are lined up.

Those who sokdados Falangists, were heroes, but those who died Republicans were reviled as vermin. Notify me of new posts via email.

Frequently he stumbles, and with self-effacing humour brushes himself off and gets back up again, so that the writing of the story itself supposedly by an alternate, unmarried Javier Cercas whose father has just died and who has ‘given up literature’ is as much a focus as its historical subject.

A lot of the novel Soldiers of Salamis deals with this scar. You know that Hemingway covered the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent and he, together with George Orwell, sided with the Republican government.

That didn’t keep him from frequenting the most exclusive salons of the capital A founding member of the Falange, he escaped the fate of his collaborator Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Are there instances when it is better to leave them as they are? Yet at the same time, Franco and his supporters “won the war but lost the history of literature”. At about the turn of the millennium, some Spaniards and ex-Spaniards speaking from exile started to say that they wanted to find the bodies of their family members who had been victims of the Nationalists.

Twitter Facebook Google Print. I won’t give things away but there is a lot to ponder here. Encouraged by his eccentric girlfriend, a TV fortune teller, Javier begins investigating the incident. Now I recently listened to a podcast interview with Cercas, and even in his Epilogue to the edition, I was puzzled. John Le Carre says one must think like a hero to behave like a decent human being.


In his book The Spanish HolocaustPaul Preston avers thatpeople were executed between to by the fascists.

Now, if history bores you, the book is actually divided into 3 parts: Sanchez Mazas’s cause, the ‘moral and aesthetic definition of the Falangists’, was, according to Cercas, ‘made up of deliberate ideological confusion, mystical exaltation of violence and militarism, and essentialist vulgarities proclaiming the eternal character of the fatherland and the Catholic religion’.

For its no vote the Popular Party accused the Socialist Party government by way of the Historical Memory Loa of weakening the political consensus of the transition to democracy and “using the Civil War as an argument for political propaganda,” Jagier Republican Left of Catalonia rejected the law cetcas the basis it did not go far enough.

Even the side less popular. Previous Valencia Photos of the Month: It is composed in a mixture of fact and fiction, which is something of a speciality of the author.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Dec 28, K.

How the fallen are mighty

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These are the questions this novel, Soldiers of Salamis originally written in Spanish by Javier Cercas born try to pose to us. Soldados de Soldadps was adapted by the director and screenwriter David Truebapremiering in Spain on March 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.